Mission Trip 2019

This summer 17 high school students and 7 adult chaperones from St. Mary's will head to Quito, Ecuador to work with the Education Equals Hope organization. Your support is needed to help make this trip possible.

Founded by a committed group of volunteers, Education Equals Hope is passionate about bringing quality education to children and transforming communities around the world.  It provides educational support for individual children, teens and adults and works to provide educational resources for entire communities in regions of our world that have suffered from poverty, crisis and natural disaster.

Students and adults attending this trip need to raise over $50,000 this year in order to make this trip happen!  Costs include airfare, boarding, car, food, supplies and camp fees. Each student has been tasked with raising $500 OUTSIDE of St. Mary's, and they have several exciting fundraisers on campus planned throughout the spring and early summer!

Last year 18 high school students and 5 adult chaperones are headed to Glorieta, New Mexico to partner with Student Life Missions! Our team worked on a job site for a week and met with students from churches all over the country.

This is Reaching Out In Love in action. Donate now to help make this trip possible. Click below on one of the Mission Trip suitcase amounts now.