Hurricane Dorian Relief

Come to the aid of our brothers and sisters in the Bahamas

The Bahamas took the devastating brunt of category 5 Hurricane Dorian. Not only are the Bahamas geographically close, not only do we have many friends and family members there, but they are also our companion diocese. We pray for them at every service. Now is the time to put our prayers into action.

Here's what you can do.

Contribute to raise funds for immediate relief. Select an amount below for an online a credit card contribution, or send a check to the office or place it in the offering plate.

Also, we are partnering with Cardinal Newman High School in West Palm Beach to collect tangible goods, such as First Aid kits, diapers, etc. The list of items follows, below. Bring an item to church on Sunday or to the church office during the week.

Supplies needed:

First Aid Kits, Shovels, Gloves, Camping Water Filters, Ready-To-Eat Canned Good (Meats, Fruits, Vegetables, High Energy Food), Powdered Milk, Baby Formula, Diapers, Wipes, Non-Prescription Drugs, Paper Towels, Socks, Work Shoes, Shirts, Battery Operated Radios, Flashlights, Tarps, Camping Grills, Heavy Duty Trash Bags, Pet Food, Blankets, Feminine Products, Cash.

Please continue your prayers for the Bahamas.

(Photo credit Democracy Now)